My partner kicked me out of my apartment and turned off my utilities. Where can I go? - The Network
Category: Survivor Housing
  • When you are living in an apartment, the only person that can displace you from that apartment is the sheriff, after all required eviction proceedings are complete. If your partner kicked you out of your unit, they could be held responsible for what is called a “lock-out,” which is prohibited in Chicago and Cook County. A lock-out is not just limited to changing the locks or kicking you out of a unit, it also includes interfering with your utilities or removing or damaging doors. If you need help getting back into your unit, you can call 311 (Chicago) or your local police department, explain that a lock-out has occurred, and ask that the police come out. The police should investigate to confirm the lock-out and take steps to let you back into the unit.
  • If you feel unsafe returning to your home or need support learning about options for a protective order, you can call the Hotline at 1-877-TO END DV. In a protective order, you have the option of asking that you are the only person allowed to stay at your apartment. This is called “exclusive possession.”