Invite dialogue with the housing provider so that you understand all options that may be available. - The Network
Category: reasonable accommodation process

Example: “Maintaining my housing is very important to me, and I am eager to resolve this quickly so that I can safely remain in my home. If there are any other additional accommodations available to meet the need I addressed, please let me know in writing.”

  • If the accommodation that you propose is an administrative/financial burden or a fundamental alteration to the housing program, housing providers are still required to engage in an interactive dialogue with you, to try and find an accommodation that meets your disability-related need. 

  • Remember, the housing provider is not required to grant the exact accommodation requested–instead, the law focuses on meeting your disability-related need. There may be other accommodations that allow you to equally access your housing and, if so, you should communicate with the housing provider in trying to find an accommodation that will work.