I applied for housing, but the housing provider does not want to rent to me because I have an order of protection. What can I do? - The Network
Category: Survivor Housing
  • Illinois law protects against discrimination, harassment, and retaliation in housing based on certain protected categories, including order of protection status.  That means that a housing provider cannot choose not to rent to you, refuse to make repairs, or charge you additional fees because you have an order of protection. If you are using a housing subsidy, you have additional protections under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), which prevent housing providers from denying housing due to domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking.
  • If a housing provider tries to deny your application because of an order of protection, you should confirm the basis for denial and ask that the housing provider reconsider their decision based on the anti-discrimination protections in Illinois (and if applicable, VAWA). If the housing provider still refuses to rent to you because of your order of protection, you can file a complaint with the Illinois Department of Human Rights within 300 days after the discrimination occurred. You may also have an option to file a complaint in court, and you should connect with an attorney to consider your options.