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Centralized Training Institute

Our Mission

In 1997, The Network launched the Centralized Training Institute (CTI) to respond to the on-going demand for professional domestic violence prevention and intervention training in Chicagoland. The trainings conducted by CTI are designed to improve the quality of domestic violence services provided to survivors and their community by enhancing the understanding, expertise and skill sets of advocates, organizers and professionals. CTI has four training departments: 

1. 40 Hour Domestic Violence Training: the introductory certificate training required by the IDVA for new domestic violence professionals, including volunteers and interns. 

2. Social Justice Training: anti-oppression and transformative justice workshops, training and events that connect domestic violence to the larger systems of oppression.

3. Advanced Specialized Training: professional development trainings to improve the skills and knowledge of domestic violence workers and programs.

4. Allied Professional Training: professional development for individuals, organizations and institutions that interested in addressing domestic violence in their communities.

CTI is an official certified training site approved by the Illinois Certified Domestic Violence Professional (ICDVP) Board and the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulations to provide continuing education units (CEUs).

Our Philosophy

The Centralized Training Institute provides education, training and innovation by listening to the Chicagoland community — including survivors, organizers, leaders and direct service providers — to provide the best possible education programs. CTI is continuously improving and employing trauma-specific, cultural-humble best practices within our ever-changing society and culture. 

CTI recognizes that domestic violence does not occur in a vacuum; violence and the aftermath are directly influenced by the society and culture of the survivor, the person who harmed, and the community they live in. Because of this, CTI is committed to anti-oppression, transformative justice frameworks for all training and education provided. Our philosophy is based on these assumptions:

1. Domestic violence is caused by global systemic oppression, including misogyny, heterocentrism, white supremacy, abolish and socioeconomic inequalities. 

2. Education should be rooted in transformative justice frameworks for eradicating violence that not only address specific situations of harm, but work to transform the conditions and social forces that made such harm possible. Anti-oppression theory names oppression and uses this knowledge to end violence and marginalization. 

3. Training should focus on addressing violence by promoting community awareness, violence prevention and intervention, and the connection of victims to safety, resources and services. Divestment from institutions that perpetuate inequality and violence should also be centered. 

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Technical Assistance

The Centralized Training Institute staff and educators can work with you and your organization to provide training and continuing education that meets your specific needs. Each consultancy project is unique and created to meet your organization’s requirement.

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