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The Network collectively unifies service providers to ensure survivors across our region have access to comprehensive domestic and sexual violence services.
The following member organizations are providing services to survivors in communities across our area throughout the public health pandemic.  Select a provider below for more information on services, hours, and location.

Neopolitan Lighthouse

Address P.O. Box 24709 Chicago IL 60624 Hotline: 24 Hour Crisis Line and Shelter Intake 773.722.0005 Phone: Walk-In Counseling and Community Education 312.964.5056 Website:


Neopolitan Lighthouse is a non-profit domestic violence organization that provides emergency shelter and comprehensive support services for survivors of abuse and their children on the west side of Chicago. The organization works to assist clients in securing safety, working on self-identified goal/objectives, gaining self-sufficiency, working to overcome trauma, and breaking the cycle of violence. Since 1984, Neopolitan Lighthouse has served over 40,000 abused women, men, and children. Available Services:

24-Hour Crisis Line – (773) 722-0005

Neopolitan Lighthouse operates a 24-hour crisis line which provides callers with crisis intervention counseling, emotional support, information/referrals, assistance in identifying possible options and safety strategies, and intakes into the agency’s On-Site and Walk in Program. The crisis line takes calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

On-Site Domestic Violence Shelter Program

Emergency Shelter

Neopolitan Lighthouse’s On-Site Domestic Violence Shelter Program provides emergency shelter services for survivors of abuse and their children in a 25-bed shelter facility. In addition to receiving room and board, clients in this program receive crisis intervention, intakes and assessments, trauma-informed, client-centered individual counseling, group counseling, case management, service planning, safety planning, housing advocacy, Illinois Domestic Violence Act (court) advocacy, benefit/systems advocacy, on-site healthcare and economic assistance, life skills, information/referrals, comprehensive children’s services, etc. The program operates 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

Children’s Project

The Children’s Project provides comprehensive support services for children in the agency’s On-Site and Off-Site Shelter Programs in order to assist them in addressing their physical, emotional, psychological, practical, and educational needs. These services include trauma-informed individual and group counseling, case management, advocacy, information/referrals, group activities, educational assistance, and developmental evaluations. The Children’s Project also provides parenting classes for adult clients, as well as childcare assistance for parents who are participating in the agency’s job training project.

Economic Development and Employment Project

Neopolitan Lighthouse created the Economic Development and Employment Project (EDEP) in 2003 to assist adult clients in establishing financial stability and self-sufficiency so that they would be able to support themselves and their children. The EDEP offers a variety of support services to help clients obtain and maintain employment, enroll in GED and vocational programs, and acquire financial literacy. Some of these services include career assessments, assistance with resume writing, cover letter writing, and job application completion, basic skills testing, mock job interviewing, internet and Microsoft Word instruction, professional email creation, school enrollment, budgeting assistance, childcare assistance via Day Care Action, economic assistance, and educational group sessions on work, school, and finances. This project is open to clients in the agency’s Shelter Programs and Outreach Program.

Legal Advocacy Project

Neopolitan Lighthouse provides legal advocacy services to survivors of domestic violence through the Legal Advocacy Project in order to educate them about their legal rights and recourses as outlined in the Illinois Domestic Violence Act. Clients in this project are accompanied to the Chicago Domestic Violence Courthouse and are assisted in filing and upgrading Civil and Criminal Orders of Protection so that they may become safer from abuse. Clients are also provided with VCVA services. This project is open to Shelter Program and Outreach Program clients, as well as walk-in clients at the courthouse.

On-Site Health Services

Neopolitan Lighthouse partners with Lawndale Christian Health Center in order to provide free on-site healthcare services for clients at the agency’s domestic violence shelter facility. These services include physical examinations, TB tests, immunizations, medical information and referrals.

Outreach Program

Walk-In Project

Neopolitan Lighthouse’s Walk-In Project provides support services for survivors of domestic violence and children who do not require shelter services. Clients receive trauma-informed, client-centered individual counseling, case management, job training, educational assistance, advocacy, information/referrals, etc. For former shelter residents, this project provides follow-up services. The Walk-In Project also facilitates an six to eight-week domestic violence class to assists survivors of abuse in fulfilling their court and/or DCFS mandated domestic violence counseling requirements. Individuals who are interested in receiving walk-in services may contact the organization at (312) 964-5056.

Outreach Legal Advocacy Project

The Outreach Legal Advocacy Project serves to assist survivors of domestic violence who self-identify at court and wish to file a Civil or Criminal Order of Protection but are in need of assistance and support with the process. Clients receive court accompaniment, information about their legal rights and recourses per the Illinois Domestic Violence Act, VCVA services, assistance in completing court documentation, and assistance in filing petitions for Orders of Protection to help them become safer.

Domestic Violence Awareness and Education

Each year, Neopolitan Lighthouse participates in various events and speaking engagements throughout the Chicagoland area in order to provide domestic violence education and awareness to the public. Presentations may be conducted at resource fairs, schools, federal offices, social service organizations, and other public and private locations. The main purpose of this community outreach is to educate the public about domestic violence and its impact on the community, the services that Neopolitan Lighthouse provides, additional resources for survivors, and ways to get involved. To inquire about Neopolitan Lighthouse’s domestic violence awareness and education services, please contact us at (312) 964-5056.

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P.O. Box 24709 Chicago IL 60624

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