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The Network collectively unifies service providers to ensure survivors across our region have access to comprehensive domestic and sexual violence services.
The following member organizations are providing services to survivors in communities across our area throughout the public health pandemic.  Select a provider below for more information on services, hours, and location.

CAASE Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation

Address 307 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 1818 Chicago IL 60601 Phone: 773-244-2230 Fax: 773-244-2217 Website:


Legal Services

CAASE Legal Services provide individualized legal advice, consultation, and representation following and related to sexual harm. Our attorneys assist survivors in understanding and asserting their victims’ rights during criminal justice proceedings. CAASE also represents survivors in civil litigation, including protective orders, employment and education matters, and Gender Violence Act claims.

CAASE is are making sure survivors never lose access to high-quality legal representation during the pandemic. CAASE connects with clients virtually and can help them navigate the complexities of new (and ever-changing) online court systems.

To learn more, call 773-244-2230, ext. 205, email or visit

Community Engagement

CAASE commits time, space, and energy to listen to survivors so their experiences and expertise can inform our work and raise public awareness. For example, CAASE invites survivors to guide their work, produces trauma-informed public programming, and collaborates with allies and partners throughout Chicago.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, CAASE and Surviving the Mic are facilitating a weekly online space dedicated to the perspectives, experiences and artistic expressions of survivors of sexual harm. Each one is shaped by what participants want to get out of the virtual gathering and includes a writing prompt. Learn more at

Prevention Education

CAASE teaches innovative, evidence-informed, and engaging curriculum across Chicago that empowers students to become active allies in the movement to end gender-based violence.

Participants in CAASE prevention workshops learn to think critically about gender, consent, and boundaries. They’ll also be able to recognize the realities of the commercial sex trade and sex trafficking.

CAASE reaches students in grades 9-12, parents/guardians, school personnel, and professionals in the field. All programs are provided virtually during the pandemic. If you’re interested in bringing CAASE workshops to your school or organization, please see the information at

Public Policy and Advocacy

CAASE advocates for local and statewide policies and legislation that expand options for survivors of sexual harm, hold perpetrators and systems accountable, curtail the criminalization of trauma behaviors, and prevent future violence. Their work includes advocating for survivor-centered legislation on local and state levels, working in coalitions with survivor-leaders and allies to address major systemic issues, meeting with policymakers and elected officials, educating voters on candidates’ positions on issues, and engaging in strategic judicial reforms like amicus briefs. Learn more at

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307 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 1818 Chicago IL 60601

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