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Paulina Dregvaite

Paulina Drėgvaitė (she/her)

Community Solutions Program Fellow


Paulina is a Community Solutions Program Fellow, working closely with the Centralized Training Institute in training, research, and administrative activities. Paulina earned a Bachelor of Arts (with honors) degree in Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Warwick and a Master of Science degree in Film, Exhibition, and Curation at the University of Edinburgh. Academically, she is interested in the intersection of the arts and gender studies. Paulina is in the final steps of completing a Master of Arts degree in Gendering Practices at the University of Gothenburg, with a focus on gender mainstreaming and gender-based violence prevention education. Paulina works as a project manager and education expert at the Lithuanian Center for Human Rights and conducts training and advocacy work, actively engaging with the field of human rights in Lithuania.

In her free time, Paulina loves hiking and exploring with her dog Karalis, as well as reading and watching films. She is thrilled to be in Chicago and to participate in its vibrant community life.