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Maralea Negron

Director of Policy, Advocacy, and Research


Maralea Negron serves as the Director of Policy, Advocacy, and Research for The Network: Advocating Against Domestic Violence. As the Director of Policy, Advocacy, and Research, Maralea works to create policy solutions that prioritize the experiences of survivors. Her advocacy efforts have been centered on strengthening social safety nets to uplift and empower survivors. As an organizer, she is passionate about addressing the underlying systems that enable gender-based violence in our communities and works in close collaboration with The Network’s membership organizations to inform a comprehensive policy platform.
Maralea brings intergovernmental affairs, legislative, and grassroots organizing experience to the role as the former Operations Director for the Democratic Party of Illinois and the Chief of Staff to Representative Kelly Cassidy. She also serves on the Guardianship and Advocacy Commission of the Illinois Department of Human Rights, investigating cases of rights violations for persons with disabilities.