REDEFINING JUSTICE: Reporting on Survivors of Gender Based Violence and The Pretrial Fairness Act - The Network

This guide aims to provide context to the intersections between gender-based violence (which includes domestic violence, sexual violence, and trafficking), and the impact of the Pretrial Fairness Act on survivors within the criminal legal system in Illinois. We hope this guide can be used to help media professionals:

  • Better understand and report on the complexities of gender-based violence, and what justice and safety mean for survivors individually and the community at large.
  • Report accurately about gender-based violence and survivors’ experiences, without contributing to the many myths and false narratives stemming from victim blaming, rape culture and systemic racism, to better inform communities about the realities of the criminal legal system and what real safety means for survivors.
  • Join a conversation and reflection about the complexities survivors face and how it intersects with the criminal legal system, especially the pretrial phase here in Illinois.
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