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Anabel Perez

Director of Member and Community Engagement


Anabel Perez is the Community and Membership Director at the Network: Advocating Against Domestic Violence, where she interfaces with the Network’s 40+ member organizations and supports the Youth Advisory Board. Ms. Perez has been with the Network since 2006, serving as the Training Operations Coordinator, Office Manager, and Community and Membership Manager. Previously, she worked as a child advocate and community organizer. Anabel co-chairs the Little Village Violence Prevention Committee, provides technical training for Northeastern Illinois University’s Know More Committee, and serves on the Illinois Coalition to Address Intimate Partner Violence-Induced Brain Injury. For over 20 years, Anabel has been a bilingual advocate for survivors of domestic violence. She serves as the President of the Local School Council at her daughter’s school and is a volunteer at AARP. The proud daughter of immigrant parents, Anabel enjoys spending time with her mother, husband, children, and young granddaughter.